Sunday, April 9, 2017

Energy Practitioners

We all know when we break everything down in the body we are made up of tiny atoms. We also are aware that when we get sick there is a energy pattern that plays out as a program in a frequency that energy practitioners are trained to work with. Like doctors who understands the anatomy of a physical body an energy practitioner is trained in the understanding of how these vibrations and frequencies break down in the physical from and energetic bodies taking healing on to another level when working with atoms, waves, particles, and molecules.

History has shown us that years ago when the first doctors started to do their research people thought they were crazy, only now we know that it was all about learning and teaching others about human anatomy. Today energy practitioners are publishing and explaining how it all works using Quantum physics and new technologies that can now explain what is being done on an energetic level. It just took a little longer for the scientists and engineers to catch up.

Something else to be aware of is that energy practitioner's language is different just like a doctor's language is different as it refers to modalities, techniques and words about quantum physics that other practitioners understand. To someone who doesn't know the terms, it's going to sound strange. It all makes a lot more common sense when you start to learn the language and how the terms are connected or broken down into a language we understand on an everyday use. If you go to an energy practitioner and they use a words etc... you don't know, ask them to explain so you have a better understanding. You see communication is always key so you have the opportunity in participating in your own healing.

What to watch for as a person who is seeking out help from an energy practitioner is to make sure that they are qualified and even have the basic knowledge. Like searching for a doctor they have certifications and lists of teachers who they have worked with. Take the time to check out their background or if they are highly recommended by a credible source. It can all be so exciting but often we forget that energy changes the chemicals and molecular structure within the physical and energy bodies. Again just like a doctor you need to know about your practitioner before opening up to an energy healing. Look for integrity, credentials, experience, and if they are interning, who they worked with.

I have talked to people who didn't do their homework and got burned by an energy practitioner only to say that all energy practitioners are not reliable. This is not so and needs to be taken more seriously as just like picking out a doctor it is important to know who is working on you.

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