Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Flash from the Past

I think for many of us we forget how much the energy around us and in us affects us. I know that I for one, even though, I try to make it my intention to be aware, I don't always do. So that is when I am caught off guard, when someone or something comes up and surprises me.

The other day my daughter and I went shopping for a dress for her to wear to my little sister's wedding which is coming up very soon. As we were walking into the store, she brought up the subject that she had been hurting in the joints of her hands as the heat and humidity was climbing.

She then went on to tell me that she decided that it was not something that she felt she needed to experince, so she envisioned a light of healing energy that was around her hand and in her hands. With that she then scraped the pain off with each hand like sloughing off a coating of wax.

What surprised me was that this is an ancient technique of energy work, that I had been learning about with one of my teachers and had not imparted that knowledge to her or anyone in my family. It is a healing practice that helps to relieve pain. And I personally felt silly doing the technique with others. So where did she get this knowledge?

This brought me to speaking with one of my teacher's who imparted the information that a lot of the healing techniques are passed down and embedded in our own DNA. It is almost like being down loaded though the cellarer memory and structure of our ancestors. So maybe the Bible is right, and we do pass what we do here on earth, form generation to generation. Sins or healing is all shared as it is recorded in our DNA and the make up of our cells.

Interesting, as I am exploring that thought..... I am learning that even things that I know intuitively are not my imagination, as learn to trust myself with the help of many teachers. I have been learning not to stand in my own way.

So here is my daughter, who is becoming into her own with not only that intuitive knowledge but the ability to access the energy to heal. How much of this kind of thing happens to our children and we tell them it is their imagination and to move on? What kind of abilities and spiritual gifts are we squashing because we where told the same or rejected it ourselves?

As I look around and have learned to open to the arts of energy and healing, I see so many children with the gifts of reading energy, energy work, intuition, healing, seeing, and connecting others to their spiritual side, who don't have the encouragement and validation of what comes so naturally. I talk to those in the family who are aware of the gifts but blow it off as a childhood fancy.

Which brings me to my own experience and what I know to be true as it has been an major shift in self discovery of how these things work and flow in a stronger connection to myself and the Creator.

Some of my own knowledge was taught to me by my own father in the past but I rejected it myself as I wanted to fit in with the everyone else, yet there are things that come with natural ability so that I have sought out teachers for answers. Moving through this, I have found that my children are amazing teachers themselves.

Many Blessings,

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