Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inner Peace

I truly find it amazing that people are starting to realize that they hold the keys to their own healing. By just saying that they want to change is the beginning of a life long journey of healing and learning that will never end. I used to think that it was only last a few years and then you would be cured but we as humans are so much more complected than that. We have layer after layer that we are working on in this life to find the peace that lies within.

The true excitement of going on this journey is discovering so much of how you are connected to others and how they are connected to you. One thing that is really clear is that we are never alone as we move down this path of life lessons.
As I move through each step being introduced to teachers and students a like I find the common thread of learning.

Miracles happen all the time only we have forgotten that the true healing is locked deep inside ourselves. So much of our own head noise and misery is created in our own minds. It is when we are able to let go of the thought or thoughts that torment our souls and set it free that we are able to grow from our own mistakes or pain.

How we torture ourselves with thoughts and raw emotions that bring a beautiful soul out of the light and into the darkness. We are the masters of our own ships and we are the ones who hold the key to our own happiness. All we have to do is accept and let the thought go as we move into another thought of higher ground.

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