Friday, December 19, 2008

Physical Emotion

One of the many things that I learned form a Teacher in Taos was the emotions can be felt physically in the body. I know you are thinking, "well yeah, doesn't everyone feel emotions in the body'? Yes, they do but did you know that you can feel different emotion at different locations in your body including different parts of your brain?

This is something to really think on that if you are having some self esteem issues where do you think you might feel it? The answer may be in your solar plexus which is located right above the navel area. This whole area seems to be really sensitive to will power, self control and feelings of self development. Next time you are feeling powerless or over powerful try to be aware of where it is coming from.

Of course the big question is why do we care? Because if you are losing that emotional energy or bringing in too much energy then it will probably effect those organs that are located in that area. Again it is all about balance, if not corrected then you may be taking time off to visit a Doctor.

Try this one..... Do you have lower back pain? Then you may be dealing with issues of stability, security, trust, or basic survival needs. Again the body is affected and recording all of your emotional feelings in you physical body.

Let us go with the favorite that everyone is aware of, the heart. If you are feeling a gain or loss of love, empathy, compassion, or tolerance then it is somewhere in the heart region. Ever have a broken heart? There is a reason they say it is broken in the heart, you most likely feel it very strong in that area of the chest. What organs are around that area? Well, there is the heart, lungs, and they seem to effect the arms and hands. It is all connected...

Here is another good one..... I bring this up because it affects us Artist and anyone in Communication. The Throat Area is one of the places that we miss in our body. It is where we express ourselves and if you have ever heard the expression, "They got all choked up" then you know what it is like trying to talk or give an opinion when your throat is closing up which also has an affect on the thyroid or parathyroid organs.

This part of the body deals with the issues of creativity, music, truthfulness, intelligence and inspiration. It is a major part of expressing ourselves and someone who has lost their voice and I use the example of abuse will often feel like they can't communicate their feelings which makes it all the more important for them to open and use their voice in an environment that is safe. This will help them recover some of the pieces that they have lost of themselves.

The other part of the body that I like to bring up is the crown or the top of the head. This part of the body seems to tingle and you get an almost high feeling when you are praying or feel connected to God. It is known for the feelings of enlightenment, confusion, apathy, spirituality,or ability to learn also affecting our cerebral cortex, and central nervous system.

It is also where our knowledge of God and all of creation seems to permeate our bodies. Please know that the feeling of a great loss can cause energy blocks that will also affect this area which communicates to the whole body a feeling of loss of well being.

So those are only a few that I mention so that if you are interested you can investigate further. I didn't get into the brain but the brain will also connect with the different emotions that we feel. You can feel anger in one part apposed to feeling that you are mistrusting someone in another part or true love is one of my favorite areas of the brain. Again our bodies are amazing in the way they were created and how they function.

Peace be with you

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Katherine Doerge (Priti Krishan Kaur) said...

Hi Ana-

I actually have been reading your blog since we first connected...I just haven't gotten around to leaving a comment.

I love reading your insights and fresh responsiveness to life.