Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Essence of Power

Power and control is something we all know exist but no one likes to talk about. It is the child that runs amok in the room and we go on like it wasn't happening. The only problem is that when you decide in your life that you are going to take control of your own life you have to set boundaries and become more aware of where others are losing or trying to gain their power.

By looking at the situation this way, it brings a whole different light on someone who is hurting and hurting others. You soon become aware that, that person is struggling inside trying to find or gain the power or control that they feel that they need to survive. Somewhere in their lives they were taught that there was not enough power inside and lost all their control to someone else.

Now you may find someone using their power to control others in their words they speak, energy they take or the position they have, which could be family or job related. This form of relationship always seems to struggle often destroying the relationship beyond repair. Families split apart, coworkers leave their jobs, friends and neighbors no longer speak all a result of people losing what they already possess which is the power to control the lie that they carry inside.

No, we can't really control someone else. For if the body is enslaved the mind is not or the mind enslaved the body rebels and the spirit always remains free. We are intended to be, no matter who tells us that we are not, to be as we were created.

The true essence of power is learning how to balance the power that we possess inside so that we lift others and ourselves to the highest potential. Sound easy? No, not really it can be a life's work but you know as I always say it is about taking that first step and being aware of the real control in our own lives.

Many Blessings,

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