Sunday, September 28, 2014

"The Language of Energy"

My daughter and I were driving the other day doing some errands when someone honked at us. It made me think about how different it was when I was in India visiting some friends and the drivers there honked all the time. They are even encouraged to honk. Here in the States it is not as accepted and some people may even be a little offended by being honked at. This line of thinking then made me think about the thoughts that we send out that could be triggered by a single action. I also became aware about how we respond in our different cultures to something as simple as a horn honking at us.  
With this in mind I remembered what my grandfather used to tell me how powerful our thoughts can be. If we really think about how much we change and create the world around us just by how we shape our thoughts it is almost mind boggling. A single thought can lead to an action that is behind an intention which creates the energy to bring it into existence. My grandfather used to always remind me to have positive thoughts. At that time I didn't understand what he really meant. Now as I am older I understand more what he was trying to teach me.

As multi-dimensional beings we have the ability to send energy to and around those we think about whether we are conscious of it or not. With this knowledge as conscious beings we can now be more responsible for what we think and the energy that we send out into the world and our own lives. The power of our thoughts is it's own energy language and has so many benefits that are right there within our finger tips. How do we use it some may ask? Well, to answer that you are already using it. The idea now is to be aware of how you can use it.

A technique to help access positive thought patterns can be through fond memories which are a wonderful resource of stored emotional energy that is not only recorded in our brains but also in our cellular structure of the things that we have experienced at one time or another in our lives. All we have to do is to tap into some of our happy memories that hold emotions for us such as love, compassion, acceptance, peace, gratitude, harmony, forgiveness, etc...  as we relive the memory or the emotion that we want to bring up we can bring those feelings into our bodies which will help to change the energy around us. Even thinking about someone we love can bring up emotions of love and joy. Upcoming events that we are excited about can also be used to activate the the emotional energy within us. 

Once the positive memory is triggered then it is a matter of focusing our attention on those chakras or different parts of the body that are in need of the energy. This is when we can then draw in that feeling that we remember letting it fill our hearts moving into the mind, body and soul aligning with this beautiful energy. With the intention in place the body's energy field begins to fill up with the positive energy moving through the physical body and throughout the aura. It does take some practice of holding on to the energy within oneself but after awhile you will began to train the energy field to hold on to those positive emotions for longer times. Then it becomes a habit which can be called upon with just a single thought or even trigger that can now replace a negative one.

 As energy beings not only in the physical realm but also the spiritual realm we can become more aware that we are able to change our own thought patterns and have the ability to step into our personal power. We are conscious beings, are we not? We have the choice to change our thoughts and release into ourselves and the world the positive language of energy that helps us all in creating more harmony within ourselves and each other. 

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