Monday, March 30, 2009


I am amazed when I am talking to people just how much we don't allow ourselves any room for mistakes which makes it neat that I learned from my children's first grade teacher that it is, "OK to make mistakes because that is how we truly learn."

Wow, a first grade teacher who is explaining that mistakes are normal and to not be ashamed but it actually becomes an opportunity to back up and learn something form it.

So I don't know why but this triggers a discussion I had with my teenage children yesterday as I we were preparing lunch. My son was watching our newest member of the family an eight month old puppy follow and do exactly what our thirteen year old dog did.

His commit was, "Did you know that a monkey will not try something new unless he sees another monkey do it?" My daughter response was," that means that one monkey has to be really brave and different to try something new." His answer is yes, Monkey see, Monkey do."

So where does this bring us, you ask? I think that often we are afraid to explore and try new things because we watch others do while we sit safely aside as life passes by. That way we don't ever have to face a mistake or disappointments in our secure lives. But it is when life throws a "curve ball" that we are really tested to spread our wings and try to fly that life gets truly interesting.

Someday when we look back on our lives are we going to see the amazing things that we accomplished or are we going to see the missed opportunities?

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