Sunday, May 3, 2015

"The Light Body"

One of the many things that you will hear in the healing world is the term "light body". I know for a long time I got the concept of this but didn't actually understand what it really meant until I started to have these amazing series of experiences when I would close my eyes at night trying to fall into sleep. I would see these brilliant rays of the light that moved into my third eye that were breathtaking and blinding to say the least.

At first I was startled and would open my eyes trying to catch my breath almost afraid of closing my eyes not knowing what I would see but within a few nights of this I was able to keep my eyes closed and experience the intensity of the light. On a few occasions I would see a beautiful face smiling back at me as close to my face as possible.

I know that when the third eye opens people will have this type of experience with the light but it was this being whom I felt was very close to me that made me realize that there was more to it than that. I had the great feeling of peace and that a guardian or angel was trying to show me that they were in my energy field.

It was much later that I understood that we are all like the being in which we are all created out of light that is just as brilliant. It is the density of matter that creates our bodies to live in this third dimension world. I remember being under the age of five laying in my bed at night trying to remember where I actually came from. I knew that I was not just my body and had forgotten something very important. It was so close to me remembering but I could not recall it.

I would lay there thinking I came from somewhere else and it was really good but why had I forgotten? I did not understand until one night it came that it was not important for me to remember at the time and so I let it go until that experience so many years later with the light.

Like so many others I had forgotten where I originally came from and like many had always believed that I was alone when the truth is that we are never alone. We are always surrounded by this massive amounts of love and loving guardians. And I remembered what I had forgotten so many years ago is that we are truly the beings and creation of the Creator which has created us in his own image.

I find that often we get stuck in this third dimension but our thoughts and memories are of the the world of energy and light. When we are stuck we send out all this fear, anger and anguish
creating this energy field of this low emotional turmoil that keeps us in fear. It is when we arise above this and find that there is a higher energy field of pure love and light that our eyes open to what can really be achieved in this world.

Look around you today and see all this great fear that we have all created to live in! Then look deep within yourself and find that truth that was and is who you really are. We are all so beautiful when we remember from where we came from and a part of.

Photographs by Ana

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