Sunday, July 19, 2015


Growing up, I used to hear people use the word vibration. At that time I thought it was funny listening to the way others used it to describe how they were feeling. Now, years later, I understand what they were talking about and I use the term when I work with my Reiki clients or explain what I notice when I pick up signals from another person's energy body.

So what is really going on when we use the word vibration? To understand what is happening within our energy fields and physical bodies let's start with the basics. We already know that everything is made up of some kind of molecular structure. That was something we learned in science class at school. We also know that atoms are always moving in and all around us and that everything, whether we see it moving or not, is moving. This means too that while it is all moving everything that we know has it own frequency creating a vibration by a certain dance that it is doing to create a solid, liquid, ether, etc... existence.

When we think about it we can see that each dance creates something unique. For instance the tango is a lot different from the two step and by having it's own dance sequence it makes energy very interesting when you become familiar with it. Then we throw in a lot of external and internal influences such as waves that affect the way energy moves. For example waves can come from so many different sources like sound, emotions, heat, thoughts etc... All of these things affect the way the atoms and particles sing and do their special dance. Sometimes it helps to remember that radio waves move though the air as does the television signals which are not seen yet we know they are there. Our emotions and thoughts are the same way. Our thoughts have more power than we realize by creating energy that can change our molecular structure into someone who is producing a positive energy field that people are excited to be around or into someone negative that others avoid.

The miracle is that when looking closely we find that the human body is fully equipped in the way that it picks up these energies. Thank about the last time you walked in a place or meeting and the hair on the back of your neck stood up. When was the last time you were around someone who was stressing you out and your stomach was hurting or someone who you just couldn't wait to be around? Your body was picking up the energy from that person.

A good phrase to remember is that like attracts like to help you gauge the signals that you are sending out. When you are sending off negative signals your body or atoms begin to vibrate in that way and people who are in the same state will be attracted to you. If you send off positive signals then the body vibrates in a higher form and people with that frequency will feel comfortable and will be drawn to your vibration. That is why we attract the same type of person over and over in our lives.

The choice is really up to you...

Another thing that happens is that energy can be imprinted on the things around us. For example if a person was depressed and sat in this one chair all the time and finely decided to sell it it can affect your energy by sitting in it. The chair may even give you a funny feeling or make you uncomfortable. That is because you are picking up the energy off the chair from the other person. If this happens you may decide to get rid of it or you can change its vibration. Cleansing the chair is one way to do that, which can be done by praying over the chair or asking someone to help who knows how to cleanse and clear energy.

To learn more about energy vibration & clearing.......

1. Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, by Penney Peirce

2. Energy Clearing, Heal Energetic wounds, Release Negative Influence, and Clear Healthy Boundaries, by Cindi Dale

3. Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands, by Jim PathFinder Ewing

                          Photographs by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

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