Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Line in the Sand

Personal boundaries is a topic that we all know about and yet can be a very positive or negative obstacle in our relationships.  For some this may less of a hard thing to do and for some it is an area of learning how to master. What I discovered is that healthy boundaries are one of those things that we all need to have in our own lives and yet a number of people are not even sure what it is in their lives that they need so that they can create them.

Then the other thing that happens is that some people may have healthy boundaries in their personal lives often they don't have them in their professional life. While still for others this can be the opposite for them. Very seldom do people have it in both but when they do there is a deep penetrating respect that is honored by those who come in contact with them. 

As I began to analyze and take a closer look I had to ask the question of how many times do we draw a line in the sand and announce that it is a boundary only to cross it ourselves or allow others to step over the line? When this happens tiny grains of sand spill over into the line only to blur what was once a declaration of what is needed in our own lives. 

Then I remembered what one of my spiritual teachers told me once which was
, "We teach people how to treat us. It is up to us to hold the space for ourselves and what we stand for and when we don't, we end up relinquishing our own personal power to someone else."  Sometimes it is about stepping out of our comfort zone to hold the space when someone wants to cross the line or even when we get tired and want to cross it ourselves. That is when the real test happens and we make that decision in that moment to hold it or let go of our own truth.

photographs by Ana

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