Monday, October 31, 2016

Shadow Work

Dramas of the past can quickly turn into night terrors as one begins to do shadow work if not fully aware of the process. What is shadow work you might ask? It is what some may already know as the dark night of the soul. It is where a person can revisit old baggage that no longer serves honoring the experiences of a time when an old program may have been needed on a survival level. It is that time where the past can be reviewed to decide if old patterns are a necessary truth or something to be discarded to allow new programs to take it's place.

What changes the whole experience is the way one looks at the process. A person who is in fear mode may feel that it is something that is put upon them not realizing it is a privilege to let go of things that hold them from attaining a high level of awareness. Like the human body releases it's waste products so does the human soul to allow healing to hold the light of a higher consciousness. It is the transition before the butterfly emerges out into the world. A blessing in disguise.

Photograph by Ana

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