Monday, November 7, 2016

Conscious Creating

We are born into this world to be conscious creators. The only thing is that many of us go into, as my father used to describe, a state of sleep walking, Often we can become bored or get stuck in our normal routines in our lives switching ourselves onto autopilot, not realizing that we have given a great deal of ourselves away in the process of falling into a causality of circumstance.

In this state we forget how to connect our heart centers to our desires and the war within ourselves is the pulling and pushing of the life and things we want only to come to the very end with regret as it seemed to somehow elude us. As conscious creators we have to wake up and become more aware of our dreams when the energy burns deep within our heart centers. This recognition alone is the catalyst that starts the engine when we apply our focus to casting our vision.

Then as we start the process we must send the energy from our heart centers of having the experience in gratitude for not only the things we have but also for the things we see ahead of us as this lays the foundation in the direction we want to go in. It is when we become congruent in our minds and hearts that we have the ability to move into creating a new energy in ourselves that attracts what we see to us like a magnet.

 What is important to know is that we have the ability to be or do anything we want in this lifetime but we must remember that energy follows thought and therefore we must put our fears and doubts aside if we want to change the equation. Again reminding us that if we want to succeed we have to fully conscious of our thoughts.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Stonehenge

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