Monday, November 21, 2016

The Art of Learning

One of the statements that I often hear is how people can be disappointed with themselves and some of the choices that they make in life. What comes to mind when I hear this is how amazing it is to just be alive and be able to experience life. Often we judge ourselves by trying to keep up with our own expectations and beliefs only to abandon ourselves forgetting how incredible it is that we learn by our mistakes.

What I want to point out is so often we repeat that same lesson over and over not realizing that each time we come out of the experience a little more wiser. I think what we forget is that it takes time to perfect anything that we do and even though patience is not always a virtue we have the opportunity to expand our awareness in understanding how things really work.

Sure we allow ourselves the grace to learn a new language making mistakes that other people laugh at or even frown at. We give ourselves permission to make mistakes when we learn how to drive a car or lean a new software. What is important to remember is that it takes time and practice to make any art or skill perfect. Isn't that why we are all here?

Photographs by Ana

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