Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Completion of the Self

A interesting energy pattern that is important to be aware of is the idea that when we feel empty we need other people in our lives to complete us. This is not true as we all are created as whole and to look to someone else to complete us would only be highly disappointing.

One of the greatest connections in relationships is the reflection of ourselves that we see through the eyes of other people. Like a mirror we see what we want to be, our short comings, and also our highest potential of who we are. For some when they see this reflection they can make the mistake of thinking they need the other person in completing themselves only to find that that path leads to giving away their  power or creating a situation of trying to recreate the feelings in the relationship that makes them feel whole. What we learn is that if we are not making others responsible for our own happiness and our lives then we step into our own personal power of recognizing that we are connected and complete.

All we have to remember is that our connection is really about knowing that we are always plugged into what we know otherwise as Source, God, Creator, or Universal Mind which makes us complete in expanding our awareness of who we really are.

Photograph by Steve

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