Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Circle of Life

I don't know about you but in the past I have not really given a lot of thought of the food that I have been placing in my mouth. I did know that vegetables and the lower fat food is much better for maintenance. I understood that the body knows how to break down the food in my body and make it into fuel.

Then there is the understanding that the food that we put in our bodies might not be the right food and that when it breaks down the body throws it out because it can't use it therefor by not eating the right food we can starve ourselves even though we eat massive amounts of it.

Of course we all know that food has preservatives, hormones and pesticides in it so that we need to watch out for that. And a lot of us go Organic and watch where we buy our meat. No that was not the problem as I have taken classes and nutrition all though my life. Food is something we can not live without and something that even with all the research and new ways to keep it preserved we are still learning how it works.

About two months ago I was enjoying a nice glass of white wine with my friends over a dinner party and it was there in the middle of eating and discussion that I raised my glass up to my lips to take a sip. That was when it felt like time stopped for just a few seconds and a knowing came over me that the sip I was about to take was more then just a sip of wine. It was a form of liquid energy that would merge into my body and into my whole life force that is more than just my body.

This was then followed by a thought that if I took that sip, that is what I would become as that is what I am putting into my body and energy field. Not bad or good just an awareness of the whole process of putting something into my mouth. Next, my attention whet to my plate and a scene of the meat being prepared and the fear that the animal experienced came rushing into my body that I looked up to see if anyone was watching.

I could not only see it but felt it..... I pushed my plate aside but as fast as this happened I was able to turn it off so that I was not as aware of what was going on as we all talked and moved on to the next course. It was not until a few days later that I was reminded yet again of what I was placing in my mouth and was able to reflect on what had happened and that in some way this was a lesson for me to pay attention to......

As a lesson goes this was what I learned form the experience is that food is not just food or fuel but it is far more important than that. It is a merging of energy and the energy that the food carries are not just the physical form that we see and break down in our stomachs but it is also a life force of energy surrounding and in our whole being.

There is a movie that comes to mind called "Like Water for Chocolate". In it the story line is about a young woman who is in love and is forbidden to marry so she turns to food as a release of her passion. As she creates and prepares this food she puts into it everything that she feels for her beloved causing quite stir as people who eat her cuisine find that they to feel her passion.

It has been years since I saw this movie but being reminded of it helped me to understand that the person who is creating the food puts a lot of their own energy into it. The animal or vegetable has its own energy and it is no wonder why we have so much trouble with our stomachs and digestion when so much emotional energy is put into our mouths.

We are finding that not only do we have our physical bodies but we also have emotional energy that can also play a big part in our health affecting us mentally, emotionally or physically. So what happens when we add everyone else's emotional energy to the pot?

Please, know that energy can be changed with intention so prayer is huge......


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