Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking time to Smell the Roses

True blessings seem to show up in our lives when we are often in a hurry. I know that sometimes when I am fixed on problem, or a project I may miss out on an experience that plays out around me as I have forgotten to take the time to enjoy and saver my own life experience. In those instances I find that if I am aware later that I have the feeling of a loss.

As I was working on a bracelet that I am beading for a gift I ran out of the color of beads that I needed to finish it. I have to admit that I was a little annoyed with myself from earlier that morning as the container spilled rolling under the couch losing most of what I had left to finish. Since it was such a beautiful day, and I was already meeting a friend for lunch I decided to make a quick trip to my favorite bead store in Fort Worth called the "Artful Bead". I was already playing hooky from working on my book so I planned to only stop in for a minute grab the beads, and head back home.

What made me stay longer was not only the cheerful faces of my friends who own, and work there, but the loving atmosphere of the store. Every time I go there I am engaged in such amazing conversations enjoying the whole experience of creativity. As I chatted with one of my friends about an up coming art show a women who was shopping in the store stopped us asking about the show. At first I just blurted out the details not really connecting to the women. As she began to become apart of the conversation enjoying our love for art she began to share. It wasn't until she went out to the car to bring in the earrings that she made that I made a connection that I had met her before as I began to remember her work. I have to say that work speaks volumes of her talent.

As we all continued to visit she invited us to see her in Arlington at an art show this weekend called "Art on the Greene". We found out that she had also taught as a spiritual teacher, and enjoyed expressing herself through her art. She even had written a book, and was now working at different avenues in her life that pulls that all together. In that moment I was aware that by just taking the time to visit I had found someone who I had quite a lot in common with.

 After I left the store with my beads I thought about how lucky I was to have met her as I know that when I am in a hurry I sometimes miss out on the blessings in my life. I guess life is really about taking some time to just enjoy smelling the roses in our lives.  We get in such in a hurry.

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