Monday, January 19, 2009

The Body of the Spirit

I think no matter who we are there is a feeling of wanting to be connected not just to each other but to something much bigger then ourselves as human beings.And if you really look at it, then it seems that since we are conscious of our minds,and body then it is our spirit that we really need to began to understand.

I was in a healing group this past weekend and was listening to the people around me talk. One lady spoke up and said that she felt that there is so much more to healing then just medication. She did state that while she was not against Western medicine and it certainly had it's own place in healing. She felt that people need to know that there are other things that our culture has forgotten about that can be used or along side our Western medicine to help promote healing.

At lunch I had the privilege to talk more about this and in the conversation it came up about the spiritual body. OK, if this is not something you have heard of then you need to know that the spirit like your physical body, has a body or form. It is not made up of muscle, blood or soft tissues but it is made up of different kinds of energy.

Ever hear of the electromagnetic energy field? Well, this type of energy likes to hang out a few inches around your body. It outlines your body and is heavily influenced by what you are thinking or doing. So if you are feeling really bad about someone then it is in that energy field and if you really like someone then it to is also in that field. If you ever come in contact with someone in love and when you are around them you can't help but sense that feeling. You are picking up that energy field...

The next part of the spiritual body because it comes in layers like the physical one. Is the

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